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Ax-On Africa

AX-ON Africa

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AX-ON Africa Holdings (Pty) Ltd
has sourced and forged strong relations with leading international suppliers, in order to fulfill our vision to enhance livelihoods. Through the Memorandum of Agreements signed, we are guaranteed full exposure to countless products that we can custom-design to meet specific needs. We pride ourselves with significant strides we have made in ensuring that the products we supply will in many ways reverse poverty and eradicate many curable diseases.

Our view will always be that there is no need for people of Africa to continue living in abject poverty, because the solutions are there to almost every need emanating in communities. We will therefore continue to source products that will enhance the lives of people and always promote economic development, so that more and more people can be assured the dignity they deserve.

Our board is composed of excellent and astute business people, workers and leaders in communities they live in and more than anything, highly committed to the vision of AX-ON Africa Holdings (Pty). The members of the board have acquired extensive skills and experience, with many having worked for international organizations, resulting in insurmountable exposure to the world economy. We are proud of each and every member of our board, because of their availability to serve AX-ON Africa Holdings (Pty), we are provided with the overwhelming capacity to deliver and execute any project.

Services from Ax-On:

Photovoltaic Solar Plant

Completely off grid systems and on grid projects of any size from 1 MW up to 150 MW, split into any size and customized to your requirements.
Waste To Energy
Waste to Energy Solutions

We provide technologies for the waste which complies with the Waste Hierarchy of :prevention, reuse, recycle, recover and dispose. Waste to Energy solutions provided by AX-ON Africa Holdings yield electricity generation, heat production and transport fuels e.g diesel.
Property Managment
Property Management

We look after your single building to a full portfolio of properties, from leasing space to comprehensive maintenance programmes and from financial controls through to extensive marketing programmes. Every need you have regarding an investment property, we have a solution rightly suited for you.
Risk Managment
Risk and Fraud Management

Fraud schemes have evolved from basic cheque fraud and falsified documents to more complex system- based incidents that are mostly driven by sophisticated syndicates. AX-ON Africa Holdings provides years of forensic experience and intelligent tools to mitigate risk in businesses and government departments.
Water Pure
Water Purification

Ecological water treatment systems using the latest technologies which are able to within minutes purify for safe consumption the sea/saline water, river, brine and ground waters

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