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Cape Town Coffee Shops

Cape Town Coffee Shops

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Petits Fours

Petits Fours is a unique combination of a French-inspired bistro, delicatessen and a mix of West Coast cuisine. It offers an aesthetic experience tantalizing the senses with mouth-watering cuisine, delicacies baked for everyone’s delight and inspired décor ideas/gifts.

The fusion of French and South African West Coast dishes keep close tabs on international developing food trends. Food design is drawn from Manhattan’s vibrant café scene as well as fresh and trendy ideas originating from nouveau cuisine of the French Riviera. The property that houses Petits Fours is a heritage site over 200 years old. It stands witness to where the first settlers in Cape Town may have put foot on shore and met the indigenous people of Africa in 1652.

Try our famous savoury chicken cheesecakes whilst sipping on a cup of delicious Italian coffee or one of our various imported teas.

Petits Fours has been featured in numerous national and international publications such as food24, and Taste of Home to mention a few. Articles based on our unique décor, setting and cuisine paints a picturesque image of the essence and beauty that is Petits Fours.

All of the aforementioned contributes to the melting pot of influences. Petits Fours draws its character from and which helped mould it into an enchanted destination well worth experiencing.

Enjoy well-prepared, fresh foods from our revolutionary menu, or choose from the wide variety of over 30 different pastries, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, quiches, pies, croissants and muffins on display – all baked on site daily.

Contact Us: 20 Stadler Road, Blouberg Strand Tel: 021 554-4462
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