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Cape Town Drinks

Cape Town Drinks and Cocktails

Arnolds Restaurant
Doodles Beachfront Banner
Rick's Cafe Logo

Rick's Cafe Americain

Walking into Rick's Cafe has the same feeling as walking into a friend's home for dinner. The ambiance is comfortable to say the least with decor reminiscent of the movie classic "Casablanca" with its stylish colonial Moroccan tones accompanied by lounge music filtering through the 100 year old Victorian building,
The Dubliner Logo
The Dubliner is all about people having a good time enjoying live music and sport, delicious traditional Irish food and a large selection of ice cold beers and blended and malt whiskeys from both Ireland and Scotland.
Do you like good atmosphere and a mixture of drinks, food, music, sports and happy people The Dubliner is just right for you. Our relaxed atmosphere is genuine and the good feeling a common thread that holds The Dubliner together. 
Towards the top of Long Street, right in the middle of the bar zone sits The Dubliner. 021 424 1212
Alba Lounge
What’s Happening
We host a wide variety of regular and adhoc events at Alba Lounge. Join us on Fridays for the Hottest Local DJ’s & Sundays for our Decked Out Sundays [2pm to close]

Pierhead, V & A Waterfront
021 425 3385
Beer House Banner
Beerhouse in Cape Town
The funky Long Street bar that’s home to one of the biggest mixes of beers on the continent
Most people remember their first lay; Beerhouse General Manager Murray Slater remembers his first Coopers Original Pale Ale. And while he’s not one to kiss and tell, the self-proclaimed beer whisperer did give us the skinny on the Cape Town bar that’s base to one of the largest assortments of brews in all of Africa. 

With a minimum of 99 bottled beers from 13 different countries and 16 taps poised to fill everything from pints and 100-mL tasters to frothy 1-L mugs, Long Street’s Beerhouse – it opened its doors on 2013’s International Beer Day (2 August) – is giving adults that kid-in-a-candy-store feel all over again.

Only instead of discovering giant rainbow-coloured Gobstoppers and stretchariffic Fizzers, guests are invited to get a rush from imports like Delirium Tremens (the Belgian golden ale voted 2008’s Best Beer in the World) or find some serious love for locally crafted creations like Triggerfish Brewing’s Titan, an India Pale Ale produced by a man Murray calls Somerset West’s mad brewing scientist.

One of the funky, contemporary beer hall’s key concepts is enlightenment. And so, along with its commitment to exposing people to quality and introducing them to variety, the bright yellow watering hole is going out of its way to make sure South Africans thirsty for beer knowledge come away with a little education alongside a lot of buzz.

That means that not only can the staff recognise a beer fault (e.g. poor carbonation) like Chuck Norris can smell fear, but every team member can tell curious connoisseurs-in-the-making about where a beer comes from and how it’s made.
Along the same lines, Beerhouse is on a mission to be the country’s top curator of craft beer. Meaning, it wants to give small-batch brewers the world over a platform on which to shine; though, commercial tipple is anything but door-stopped.
At the end of the day, the Mother City hotspot is all-inclusive (there’s even Black Label on draught) and all about giving locals and those from farther afield a vibey place to kick back, socialise with mates and, much in the same way Murray’s done, create a few malty memories.

10 reasons to booze at Beerhouse
1. Find your brew. Discovering the beer that makes your leg kick faster than a dog getting the ultimate scratch treatment is a big part of the fun at Beerhouse. And thanks to the bar’s incredible selection and its promise to keep bringing in new tipple, you can rest assured that your noble quest will be a daunting but enjoyable journey.

2. Watch the sport. Love and marriage, horse and carriage, whatever. Beer and sport are the real two peas in a pod, and with flat-screen televisions set up ‘round the bar and a massive projector screen perfect for showing big matches, Beerhouse is a great place to settle in for any athletic battle.

3. Bring non-beery mates into the fold. There are plenty of options for those yet to be indoctrinated by the Beer Spring, from non-alcoholic ales and wine to ciders, spirits and coffee. Though, luring the grog-defiant to Beerhouse and tempting them with a beer they’ve never tried before, like a sour cherry Kriek or a real German Hefeweizen, is a perfect way to prove there’s more to life than just brandy and coke.

4. Nosh on real beer food. As is the case with everything from the bar’s design to the staff training, Beerhouse’s food menu came together with plenty of thought. Expect both stomach liners and options likely to challenge your taste buds.

5. Because it’s beer o’clock. All day, every day. Just order the Beer O’Clock Tasting Experience and you’ll receive 12 100-mL tasters placed around a board like numbers on a watch face. The sampling session comes at a bargain price to boot. Just make sure you don’t have to be on time for anything afterward.

6. Have a lekker jol on Long Street. Sat squarely on Cape Town’s most legendary party artery, Beerhouse is in the thick of the Mother City’s pitching, heaving nightlife scene. Take a seat on the beer hall’s massive balcony and watch the cheery chaos unfold below.

7. Coolest toilets this side of Table Mountain. Where else can you wash your hands or wee in a keg basin and scrawl on the walls at the same time? Okay, don’t think too hard about those logistics.

8. Cheers with beers of the highest quality. Beerhouse’s cold room is big enough to fit an elephant (a medium-sized one, not a bull), which means all the brew is kept at optimum temperature all the time. Not to mention, because the taps are located so close to the casks, you’re guaranteed the beer is fresh and crisp, not flavoured with plastic-y PVC from long-distance travels though pipes.

9. Decode the subliminal messaging in the design. This isn’t just another conventional pub. Beerhouse has a funked-up, industrial-chic look about it, and if you pay close attention, you’ll notice the logo, the hexagon-shaped tables, incognito beer bottle wall portraits and beer cap-studded bar counter are all whispering, “Drink more beer, drink more beer!”

10. Beery Awesome Lunchtime Specials: Every day of the workweek Beerhouse offers a different hearty mid-day meal option for just R50 (for menu details follow @Beerhouse on Twitter). But that’s not the best part. The better news is that the ale house throws in a 350-mL draught beer or soft drink as part of the deal. Oh, and did we mention that if you buy five you get the sixth lunch meal free? 

Tip: What would Beerhouse be without a beerfest? Keep an ear to the ground for news about the beer hall’s annual celebration.
The Bill: As perfect for those on a shoestring as it is for the big spenders. Bottled beers range from R20 to R100 (think the 750-mL Delirium Tremens), 500-mL pints go for between R25 and R40, 1-L pours run from R50 to R90 and 100-mL tasters average around R6.
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