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Free State Electrical

Free State Electrical


Services Provided by Ikageng Electrical

  • High masts
  • Energy efficient street lighting
  • Energy efficient street light control systems
  • Stadium lighting
  • Solar installations, rural, water, rooftops and solar farms
  • Electrical installations in hospitals, commercial and industrial premises
  • Metering and revenue collection
  • HV and MV substations
  • MV and LV lines
  • MV and LV cable reticulation, RMU and Mini Substation
  • Rural Electrification including service connections
  • Supply and installation of HV and MV transformers
  • Supply and installation of HV switchgear
  • Supply and installation of standby generators
  • HV and MV Refurbishment projects
  • Maintenance of MV and LV networks
  • Maintenance of High masts and street lights
  • Emergency maintenance work during major breakdowns
  • Cable fault location
  • Jointing of cables
  • Knock down pole replacement
  • Material supply
  • Detailed infrastructure audits, bill of quantities, findings and recommendations report
  • Civil engineering and infrastructure
  • Housing and housing infrastructure
  • Earthing & Lighting Projection Installation
  • UPS Installation
  • Standby Generator Installation
  • Internal & External Lighting Installation
  • Small power Installation
  • Electrical Building Service
  • Public Lighting
  • Wiring of hospitals, clinics, houses, factories and commercial buildings
  • Substations outdoor and indoor up to 132kV
  • Overhead lines up to 132kV
  • Underground electrification up to 132kV
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ikageng vision


  • Excellence through dedication.
  • A sound foundation.
  • Diversity through combined expertise.
  • Remain one of the leading electrical companies through innovative solutions, dedication and commitment.


Great emphasis is placed on close co-operation between Ikageng Electrical Contractors and its clients in order to achieve accurate knowledge of the client's requirements at all times.

Ikageng Electrical Contractors is committed to developing local communities and transfer of skills to previously disadvantaged individuals.


  • Delivering quality and affordable service.
  • Cultivating a win-win situation with all stakeholders through mutual respect Operating with integrity in all the endeavours engaged.
  • Ensure loyalty to all our stakeholders.
  • Promoting sound business ethics by being transparent.
  • We believe an open and honest debate is the appropriate process to test decisions, seek consensus and accept responsibilities.


We employ capable engineers, technicians and draftsman to execute designs to the highest standards and compliance to the necessary local and international standards.

Our engineering staff are equipped with the latest engineering software, to meet the high levels of design and drawing.

Bills of materials are automatically generated from the designs.

Our engineers are also equipped with strong negotiation skills to deal with local supply authorities when applying for supply points.

Should the local authority require additional installed capacity to feed the loads required, we can upgrade the intake substations and supply feeders.

The latest energy savings protocol shall be utilised in our designs.


It is the intention of Ikageng Electrical Contractors to open itself to the opportunities in the ever growing construction industry and to position itself strategically so in the market.

Hence the opening of the construction wing as a fully functional department of its own.


The project manager, project engineers, supervisors and other key personnel are full time employees, looking after the day to day management of the construction activity.

We use this approach in order for us to employ local labour as set out in the Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP) and to advance the country’s effort to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

We have our own plant and equipment to execute 80% of our projects.

Should we require additional plant and equipment we shall hire it from reputable service providers.

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