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Free State Entertainment

A lifelong Home for Big Cats

As part of FOUR PAWS’ work for wild animals in captivity, we focus on the situation of big cats in zoos, in private captivity and in the entertainment industry.

The area was was taken over by FOUR PAWS in 2006. During the early days at the newly acquired big cat sanctuary, huge demands were placed on the local team. Massive structural changes had to be made to the area to bring up to FOUR PAWS´ rigorous quality standards.


A lot of research and extensive work

For a year - between October 2006 and November 2007 - research was completed, permits obtained and extensive work was done. The 25 wild cats that FOUR PAWS had taken over from the previous owners remained on site and were provided with medical care while work continued on upgrading the plot.


In 2007 a group of nine lions from the bankrupt Austrian safari park Gänserndorf and another from one of the many condemned Romanian zoos were the first to arrive in the Big Cat Sanctuary.

An appropriate environment for all animals

LIONSROCK has already rescued more than 90 big cats from all over the world. These animals are provided with a lifelong home and habitat appropriate to their species. All enclosures are several hectares in size. The main parts consist of open grassland with bushes and trees. Enclosure number three of the first unit is made up of one third rocky terrain, which provides different rest and outlook places. In all the enclosures shelters have been constructed which can be used by the animals as resting places. Natural structures made from dead trees provide the animals with the possibility to hide and shelter from the elements. The enclosures are circular in shape and follow the natural shape of the land. This ensures that the animals are never in a corner and provides a feeling that there is no border.


LIONSROCK is also home to a variety of game including Wildebeests Blesbuck, Burchell’s Zebra, Duiker, Eland, Impala, Letchwe, Mountain Reedbuck, Red Hartebeest, Reedbuck, Springbuck, Steenbuck and Waterbuck. Furthermore, there is also a wide variety of bird species that have found refuge on the farm.

Welcome to LIONSROCK Lodge - arrive as a guest and leave with a piece of your heart firmly invested in the big cats of Africa…..

Lions Rock Lodge

LIONSROCK Lodge is situated 18km outside of Bethlehem, of which 13km is a good gravel road. Click here to see GPS coordinates

LIONSROCK is a three star establishment offering visitors special service and value for money.

LIONSROCK is open for the public and is a unique combination of animal welfare and tourism destination, offering a wide range of activities for its guests: game drives, bird watching and hiking trails as well as trips to the nearby Golden Gate National Park, Clarens or Lesotho. LIONSROCK Lodge with its restaurant and bar is situated inside the park and offers accommodation for about 55 guests ranging from self-catering chalets to double rooms.

           LIONSROCK Lodge is also Pet-friendly:  All pets are welcome all year round. Bring own pet beds, bedding & bowls. Easy access to walking trails for you and your pets. Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside. Consideration must be given to resident dogs Jazz and Afra, the horses, wildlife and our other guests. Prior arrangement is essential. No daily fee or Damages Deposit Required.

Animals, rescued from around the world, have a safe haven at LIONSROCK where they can live in peace and tranquillity, free at last, their individual cases unique and special.

At LIONSROCK we know that each guest is an individual, unique and special. We offer you a safe haven from the stresses of daily life, a place to relax and rejuvenate in an environment infused with the serenity of country living.

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep in our comfortable and well fitted accommodations, tasty meals to suit all occasions and needs, join us on informative walks and game drives and be spoilt by our warm and friendly staff.

At the end of the day, while you reflect on the day’s activities or enjoy a sundowner, listening to the lions roar, you can smile secretly to yourself, knowing that the time and money you have spent at LIONSROCK has gone directly for the benefit of our rescued animals and that you have made a significant contribution to their welfare.

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