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Howzit Mobile

Howzit Mobile App

Howzit Mobile APP

3 Easy Steps To Download Howzit APP

Make free calls and send free messages to other Howzit users straight from your Android phone! With Howzit you also get cheap calls to any mobile or landline number anywhere in the world on any network!
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Howzit is a mobile application which lets you make free calls and send free messages to other Howzit users. Additionally, we are able to provide our users with low-cost calls to landline and mobile numbers anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to make telephony more transparent, affordable and manageable for our users. We do this by providing our users with complete control of their call costs through the use of real-time analytics and our state-of-art account management interface.

Howzit is a South Afrian found company with a young team of engineers and scientists passionate about providing cost-effective communications. Our strategically located teams in Johannesburg and Cape Town enables us to engage with exciting emerging and global mobile markets.

Step 1

1. Download Howzit for android from the Google Play Store .

Step 2

2. Register for Howzit using your cellphone number. Your Howzit username and password will be sent to you in an SMS.

Step 3

3. Start making free calls to your Howzit friends and discount calls to mobile and landlines numbers anywhere in the world.

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