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Limpopo Italian Restaurants

Limpopo Italian Restaurants

Cala la Pasta

Finding the perfect place for their restaurant was not easy as they searched up and down the South African coast on every holiday trip. In the end Hoedspruit won not only their hearts but also their skill. 

Cala la Pasta  is the only restaurant in the area to prepare and serve its own freshly made pasta, in true Italian style. 

Their ravioli really is something to write home about forget about the tiny squares usually served up in restaurants because here one piece of ravioli almost fills your whole plate!

A typical Cala la Pasta breakfast consists of a strong cup of coffee, a croissant and chocolate spread on the side. 
You wait a bit longer, but Luca prepares your croissant fresh from scratch and it still steams when you cut that first scrumptious bite. 

Luca also trained with the best chef in Europe, Vissani Gianfranco. Pizza at Cala la Pasta promises to be extra special as you will find no frozen bases here, I make everything myself says Luca.

South Africans do like their meat and a good deal of fish so you will soon find these two items on the menu as well. 

Cala la Pasta is open 
Monday and Tuesday from 8h30 to 16h30 
Wednesday to Saturday from 8h30 until late in the evening. Closed on Sundays.
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