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Horse Whisperers

Horse Whisperers

Horse Whispers - Mission
Our Mission is to create a harmonizing environment for horses and humans to interact. Providing a safe and nurturing environment to instill trust. Enriching the minds, bodies and spirits of both human and horse.

General information - Our Horses
We are located on a 2000 hectare Bushveld property, owned by the Sanford community trust. Horse Whispers is a company that offers a wide variety of horse trails and offer underprivileged children the opportunity to work with horses. The relationship between Sandford community and Horse Whispers is one of the few successful land reform cases.
Horse Whispers offers a children's skills development program for the community, while the horses are able to roam across hills and valleys, feel the wind and the sun, and enjoy interaction with people in a loving environment.
The well-being and future of these horses is dependent on the income from horse trails and donations. Most of these horses came from foster homes and were field horses fairly familiar to human interaction, some did not trust humans at all and others had no understanding of personal space. The training of these horses consisted of halter work, trusting and respecting humans, desensitization exercises, groundwork, preparing for a rider, backing and riding away with a safe, confident horse!
Today, these horses are able to play a significant role in brightening the lives of underprivileged children. The program teach more than just riding; children develop life skills such as self-confidence, responsibility and discipline - and can have a positive impact on academic performance too.
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