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The Corner Post has a rustic charm with an intimate character that caters to all ages and personalities. You can't help but be seduced by the chimney fireplaces that crackle with open wood fires on cool and misty nights. You feel at once at ease in the warm and welcoming environment, like you are amongst family and friends.

You may opt to chill out with a cocktail on the deck or join in with the vibe of watching a sports game on the big screen with a cold draft. Alternatively, relax and unwind in the sunny courtyard while you enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee, or take pleasure in sipping on a glass of wine under an umbrella in the outside garden area. Children can explore and play in the kiddies area.

Treat someone special to an evening of fine-dining in the charming restaurant. The chef and cooks passion and skill are marked by their precision cooking and elegant presentation. The restaurant menu takes advantage of carefully selected seasonal ingredients. These include the freshest local ingredients from grass-fed steaks, freshly roasted coffee beans to renowned midlands cheeses.

The Corner Post endeavours to give you a memorable dining experience that will satisfy your appetite while warming your heart.

The light bar meals are available throughout the week from 10am till late. While more elaborate lunches are on offer from Monday to Sunday and dinners from Wednesday to Sunday. 
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