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On Point Hr Services

On Point HR Services

Understanding the advantage of outsourcing some business processes can sometime be unclear. 

At On Point we bring simplicity to the outsourcing process, which ensures clients have a clear understanding of the positive feedback it brings to an organization.

On Point comprehensive range of administration services allow clients to concentrate on their core business activities on a day-to day basis. 

By outsourcing non-core functions, clients optimize business productivity, maximize return on investment and respond quickly to market changes.
What are we about
ON POINT was born out of pure passion for people and understanding the need for development and supporting of SME businesses within the South African economy.

Government has put immense pressure on SME business in terms of the National development Plan (NDP). Due to all the unfortunate red tape within developing an SME business it often scares off business owners and leads entrepreneurs to not follow their aspirations of owning their own business.

ON POINT’s main objective is to assist Business Owners and their Employees by allowing them to focus on their core operations whilst ON POINT helps you by focusing on the Human Capital aspect to support sustainable growth.
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 Allowing you and your employees to focus directly on your core business
 Remove the frustration of dealing with day to day legislative requirements in which you might not be specialized in or comfortable in dealing with
 Ensure Employer and Employee relationship is favorable, sustainable and focuses on retention of Employees, therefore reducing costs and time of re-training new employees continuously.
 Employee growth through Human Capital Investment
 Ensure a remedial approach to Company disciplinary code and procedures, minimizing financial risk to the business
 Remove the immediate cost of an HR Department which can be costly
 Compliance in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and other regulatory requirements
 One point of contact for all internal “Shared Services” Solutions through Specialist Services.

Meet our 
On - Point Team

Just about all our ON - POINT Associates have at least 10 to 20 years’ experience in their own field of expertise and this give our Clients the best quality Products and Services all under one banner. ON - POINT's belief is that you always work with Associates that know more than you and are extremely passionate about our Product or Service offering. 

We strive to do all, but will always over deliver on our promises

Our Associates has been in the game for over five years and has a passion for people and that of business. We believe there is a huge gap in Employers and Employees understanding the role of Human Resources in the workplace.  

Our Associates has run a successful company in this field for over 18 years and has developed course material for many industries from Mining through to courses for Corporate Companies. Our Associates is dynamic and passionate about advancing individuals through Skills Development planning and execution. ON - POINT will create and execute courses and create awareness in the process.
 Our Associates has been in the game for over 20 years, first working for the Compensation Fund and then also taking the “leap of faith” to open her own Consultancy. She has grown from strength to strength over the years and worked with Blue Chip Companies across South Africa. 
OUR Associates has been in the media space for over 5 years and has a vast amount of experience in design for major Corporates. 
With any concept our associate will break barriers to ensure your brand stands out and reflects your Company’s Products or Services. Brand is a passion for our Associates and this helps to create top of the range brands.
It was launched with two amazing and professional Ladies who have a great passion for people and for Clients. 
Both of our ON - POINT Associates have many years of Corporate experience in this field. They have run very successful recruitment businesses and now we have teamed up to make sure that ON - POINT Clients get these benefits.
Our Associates are all highly qualified Health & Safety Officers and Project Managers giving ON - POINT the edge required to service our Clients from a Corporate and Manufacturing perspective. Our Associates have more than 20 years’ experience in this field. 

Further to the consultancy arm of ON -  POINT we have accredited Associates who handle all implementation for Occupational Health & Safety within the workplace. They also have had many years of experience in the implementation and training side of Occupational Health & Safety.

Our  Associates has over 18 years of marketing experience and a Degree in Marketing. 
Our ON - POINT Associate is passionate, hardworking and loves to come up with new marketing concepts for our Clients. Covering all areas of marketing  allows ON POINT to offer an end to end service within the Company. 
A new and very exciting product for both the Employee and Employer. Our ON - POINT Associates have had many years of experience in the Cellular Industry and consistently comes up with new innovative ideas that would benefit a Company from a wellness and financial perspective. 
Environment and understand that many businesses face the challenge of meeting the requirements of BBBEE. To the point it has caused business to fail at times.

Through our Associate years of experience we will ensure that all ON - POINT Clients are well supported and understand how to deal with BBBEE. 
 Our Associates and Team are leaders in the field of Customer Relationship Management systems. They have many years of experience and this has allowed the product to be adapted to the South African and African market. 

Our Developer Associate and his team of experts make this product one of our flagship offerings. 

Our associates are qualified and registered Associates who have access to all products for Clients be it from a business or personal point of view. Many of our Associates Clients are not only benefiting from their services but are saving money. The pure passion of our Associates make this a seamless process for all ON - POINT Clients.
Our Associates are extremely creative and have a passion for their Product. They only use the best and latest technology to design their product. Our Associate Developer has had more than 10 years in the game and continues to find better ways to take Clients Websites and Social Media platforms to the next level. 
Our Core Values are:

We adhere to a collaborative approach in achieving our business goals, valuing individual contribution while maintaining personal accountability.

Passion for Excellence 
We strive for an exemplary performance, pushing our service towards the highest possible standards in order to push our company and our people into achieving business goals and the satisfaction of the Clients we serve.

Continuous Improvement 
We empower ourselves to strive for excellence, always looking at new initiatives for continuous improvement.

We create relationships of trust based on mutual understanding and openness. We aim for complete transparency between clients, candidates and ourselves.

We are reliable and honest and work to the highest standards of integrity.

Our customers are our partners in creating value; their loyalty is our greatest reward.
These values enable us to consistently exceed expectations and become one of the leading BPO Service Providers in the region.

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