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Windmill on Main

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Windmill on Main

Welcome to the Windmill on Main website. Windmill on Main is the original Kyalami Farm Stall and is an Urban Farm – but it’s come a long way to where we are today. We are a destination of choice for our customers due to employing a Farm to Fork philosophy. 

Our customers know that if we sell it, we know the product and more importantly, where it’s from. Likewise in our Restaurant, we utilise as much of our shop produce as possible. 

So, while we don’t claim to be 100% Organic, we are more Organic by far than most, with the bulk of our produce coming off our growing areas on our property. This leads to fresh food daily in the Shop and the Restaurant including great fresh eggs laid daily by our 110 Chickens.

Our Products

Having 6 large growing areas on our property, allows us to be in control of our own destiny when it comes to farming our own Organic Herbs and Vegetables. We typically have stock in our shop but anything we don’t have that we grow on the premises, we pull fresh out the ground for you while you wait – it is possible to get fresher, healthier produce? Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with what’s coming out of the gardens.

Meat has fast become a major reason why people visit us. We only stock Grass-fed Beef and Grass-fed Kalahari Lamb. Likewise, our Pork is Free Range (Grass-fed to an extent but due the Omnivorous diet, this isn’t always practical) and the Pigs are happy pigs that roam Spinach fields all day. Our Chickens are fully Free Range, as are our Ducks. we sell fresh wherever possible but when our products are frozen, they are frozen fresh, to make sure the goodness is intact.

Feel free to call us on 011 466-8375. As we sometimes have issues (there’s no copper cable in our area and our landline runs on a 3G network), if you could also try 0731782323 (Lydia in our Shop) or 0717822298 (Effort in our Restaurant) or call Colin on 0836538551. Alternatively good old email on
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